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The engineering in great demand since the 6-7 the past decades and will continue as such. Engineering is a difficult stream without a doubt, and those who opt for it, so he can get through the admissions process difficult still feel a little bit scared. They really have to prepare themselves for hard work, dedication, commitment and struggle for three years. Despite the efforts, there are some who do not succeed. Some even resigned in the middle of the road if they cannot maintain a strict timetable and textured. Once they keep accumulations they are unable to catch up with the time and remain backward until it is forced to give up. There are little things that matter so much, but it helps a lot in being a successful student engineering.  

• Be regular and disciplined from the start. Attend classes on a regular basis is very important. There is no greatness in the ranks of bunking. Friends are not affected in this regard.  

• Book 2 hours early in the morning and 2 hours according to your convenience in the late evening or night studies. Usually the development of the daily studies. Do not miss a single day as much as possible.  

• Take some time each day to watch TV or taking a walk. Mixing with friends. Help them whenever possible so they can help you too.   • Do not stop indulging in hobbies and interests of your own. Play games they wish to play or listen to music. Sometimes you have to see a play or a movie. Spent time and therefore not wasted. You need to change to keep your mental balance.  

• Participate in conferences, seminars, competitions and workshops, and so help to enlarge your area of ??expertise. It also boosts your confidence. Awards and Certificates add weight to your CV when searching for jobs.  

• Do not read just to study. Visit the library every day and go through magazines and newspapers or novels that you want to read.  

• Be prepared to work hard. Consistency in the hard work makes a lot of difference. A couple of years dedicated to the study will change your whole life. This decisive 2-3 years.  

• Carefully select company. Stay away from friends who do not care about the studies or who have different ideas. • Use the money carefully. Do not waste your hard earned money by your parents.  

• Be honest with your parents with respect to signs, report cards, and so do not deceive them. Parents who are always going to be next to you.  

• Identify and one promise that you make to yourself. Abide by it, and you will be successful in life. If you follow the 10 specific tips, it will definitely help you in being a successful student engineering.      

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