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Social and economic dynamics in India are such that there is a great demand for engineers. There is no doubt that computer engineers and highly sought after in India, not only by the corporate sector but also in the marriage market! But today, there is an urgent need for engineering graduates from basic disciplines, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering - and not just for computer engineers. 

The Indian government has been developed by the prime minister Narendra Modi has a detailed plan to build 100 smart cities in India over the next few years. This means civil engineering, which has always been neglected, is today a highly sought after in the country. 

Let’s take a look at the various popular engineering disciplines and what you want to expect from them.

·         Electronics engineer– Electronics Engineering is probably the most popular branch of engineering in India. Electronics engineer will work with complex technologies such as embedded software, the logical circuit design, creation of infrastructure networks and more. You can expect to earn anything from Rs. Rs 50,000. 250,000 per month in India as an electronics engineer.

·         Software engineer – Software engineers working with programming languages such as Java, Python, C #, C ++, and Ruby on Rails. It is the design of complex applications and to send millions of lines of code. There are plenty of job opportunities for talented software engineers in India. You can expect to earn in the range of Rs. Rs 60,000. 150,000 per month in the functions of software engineering.

·         Civil engineer – Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline. But only recently it has been discovered of civil engineering in the country due to the construction boom in almost every Indian city. Best civil engineers to have their own business. Functions of Civil Engineering brought in a salary of Rs limits. 30,000 rupees. 75000.

·         Electrical engineers – There is a strong demand for electrical engineers in India due to the construction boom rapid industrial growth across the country. An electrical engineer, you will earn in the range of Rs. Rs 20,000. 75,000 per month.

·         Petroleum engineer – Petroleum Engineers has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering degree and working in marine sites in the oil fields all over the world. And he sought petroleum engineer very well yet, and you can expect to earn in the range of Rs. Rs 50,000. 300,000 per month.

·         Mechanical/automobile engineer – Mechanical engineers work in a variety of industries, including the automotive sector. The highly sought after in India today, especially with companies like GM, Hyundai and Ford to establish large industrial plants in the country. As a mechanical engineer, you can expect to earn in the range of Rs. Rs. 25,000. 100,000 per month.


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