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       RIIM feels to sustain our learners in every possible way. RIIM award several merit scholarships to our great students in various fields as given below. We also keep examining the same from time to time as per circumstances & knowledge.

       RIIM provides different types of scholarships according to their criteria with some conditions. like, merit scholarships, entrance exam scholarships, special scholarships, and RIIM girls' scholarship tests also.

Merit Students
For merit students, RIIM gives scholarships according to their grades in 10th 12th, and graduation. According to that,

If 10th+12th+Graduation is 90% then the student will get INR 1,00,000 scholarship.
If 10th+12th+Graduation is 80% then the student will get INR 50,000scholarship.
If 10th+12th+Graduation is 80% then the student will get INR 20,000scholarship.

Entrance Exam Scholarship: The student should be outstanding in their entrance test then they will get this scholarship depending on their score in CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/CET etc entrance test accordingly on percentage like INR 1,00,000 for 90% INR 50,000 for 80% of students and 20,000 for 70% students.

Special Scholarship:
 RIIM Pune awarded a special scholarship for students who should be following the criteria is,
student of Armed Forces Applicants - INR 25,000
Students with domicile in North East, Kerala, and Jammu & Kashmir - INR 25,000
Graduates from IIT - INR 25,000
Siblings Scholarships - INR 25,000
For model at the state/nationwide/multinational level sports - INR 10,000 off in tuition fees.

RIIM Girl's Scholarship:
 For girls, we take a test, and who topped in this test will be awarded an INR50,000 scholarship in their tuition fees.

There are some conditions for the scholarship:

1. Only one special scholarship per student.
2. Can’t combine two scholarships
3. The student will get a scholarship for the full course.
4. RIIM has a special team for these students who will check the student's performance every semester.  The student should get 90% each semester for a scholarship, if the student will not get it then this team gives a review to the management team about the student.
5. Who is selected for the scholarship these students have to spend 12hrs per week on campus for benefits.
6. The scholarship fees can’t take by students directly, RIIM transfers the fees to the accounts department and it will be deducted automatically from semester fees.
7. If the scholarship student withdraws admission then he/she has to refund the fees which are already deducted.

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