Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth


Establishment Year: N/A

Location: Pune

Affiliated To: University of Pune

Approved By: All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Institute Type: N/A


Dr. Manohar Apte - the founder of the Vidyapeeth was highly inspired by teachings of Saint Dnyaneshwar insisted on education as Birthright of every individual. According to him the concept of education was above all traditions, superstitions, religions and status in the society. Saint Dnyaneshwar represents a coveted Guru in field of education. Saint Dnyaneshwar was the second of the four children of Vithalpant and Rukhminibai Kulkarni, a pious couple from the village Apegaon near Paithan in Maharashtra on the banks of River Godavari. All the four children were very intelligent and pious. They studied the Vedas and Shastra's under the guidance of their father who was very learned person. Being deserted, they could not join the community schools. Frustrated Vithalpant and Rukhminibai committed suicide. The orphan children somehow grew up begging for dry alms from sympathetic people which they would cook and eat. Considering the excellent behavior of the children and their intelligence, they were permitted to live in the community on the condition that they will observe celibacy and produce no progeny. His elder brother, Nivrutinath inducted Dnyanadeo into the Nath sect and instructed him to write a commentary on Bhagvat Gita. Dnyandeo started his commentary on Bhagvat Geeta, which he called Bhavarthadeepika in the year 1287, when he was merely twelve year old. Dnyanadeo joined the "Varkari Movement " under the influence of saint Namdeo. Dnyanadeo expressed his desire to leave his body by taking samadhi. Dnyandeo left his body by yogic process at the age of 21 years. Bhavarthadeepika - later on known as Dnyaneshwari is written in Marathi giving the fundamentals of Geeta with easily understandable examples for common man. Saint Dnyaneshwar has made tremendous impact on human race with his contribution through Dnyaneshwari. He was God gifted super human and is ever remembered in the hearts of millions.


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